Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Up next.... Leonardo

Gustav... continued

I've finished Gustav's head and body. The most innovative thing I did with this puppet was his eyes. I used painted and glazed styrofoam balls for his eyes and bore holes in them to insert the glass eye pupils. Air dry clay was used to fill in any imperfections. To cover the seam of where the foam meets the head I used a strip of terry to line the edge of the eye and sewed it the head.

The next obstacle is his clothing. Here is a concept pic of where I'm going with it. The coat will be made out of a dark gray felt and his sleeve out of lighter gray flannel material.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Gustav in the works

I've recently been working on a puppet of Gustav Courbet. Gustav was the first puppet I ever made and I wanted to remake him using my new improved puppet know-how. I'm trying to still keep the same silly feeling but upgrade the materials and quality at the same time. As you can see he is not finished. I will post a pic of the old one compared with the new one when I'm finished.